Wardrobe storyboard

So I spent the evening riffling through patterns and magazines and brainstorming, and made not one but two storyboards(!) with a sort of rough-draft plan.

The first is a sort of here and now spring/summer plan:

It was fun to see what I actually chose when I had to narrow down my choices to “feasible”. The dresses I kept coming back to as critical choices. The black linen sheath dress I settled on because of funereal dread as well as its immense practicality; it’s something I can wear to the grocery store AND to, well, a funeral. (Nobody I know is actually at death’s door at the moment.) The other dress is one I’m actually in the process of making right now, to wear to a wedding. It’s definitely not grocery store material, and I will finally have a fancy dress that fits! The style is not particularly formal, but I think I will get more wear out of something that isn’t “evening”, and the fabric is terrifyingly luxurious. Plus the grey color means I can wear it most of the year.

It was hard to cut down on the bottoms, but I do have some jeans so I’ve decided to push back the long pants until the end of summer. I’ve been wanting to make the Beignet skirt for a long time, and I’ve made the cropped linen pants from that pattern before.

The Butterick blouse pattern I’ve actually already made in the yellow voile – I love pale yellow in the summer but I need a little colour on me first. I’m just not sure I would wear it with black, so I might chuck that out of the collection. We’ll see.

The two fabric choices under the Parfait are from the stash, I’m not sure that there’s enough of the grey linen, but that would be my first choice. I don’t know if the lemon-coloured fabric will be versatile enough – on the other hand, I’ve got 5 meters of it and I need to use it for something.

Here’s the other storyboard – there are still some holes in it, and I threw a coat in there but reserve the right to make changes to that:

This is more autumn into winter. The linen trousers might need to be not in linen, because linen isn’t that great here after the first couple of weeks of September. I seriously want that dress!

So here’s the plan – we’ll see how it goes and if I can stick to it without getting distracted!


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